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We are OBSESSED with this gorgeous Australian Bride. Her kind nature and natural beauty was shining through on her big day, and we were so blessed to be apart of her wedding!


Hair and Makeup – Salon 253

Photography – Amity Mason Photography

Wedding Coordinator – Maui’s Angels




Sweet Sweet Words

This past wedding season has been a busy one for us! We have seen it all, from weddings starting at 4:30am to wedding party’s of 15 or more! With all of the work that goes on behind the scenes, the months of preparation, we love when the wedding day comes around and we get to work our Salon 253 magic!

We wanted to share these amazing photos from Mike Adrian and the sweet words from one of our brides, Natalie Baker. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!


“I wanted to send you my biggest warmest thank you for beautifying us on the wedding day. I know we were a challenging group size to tackle but thanks for doing it with grace and style 🙂 Your team was so great to work with and did an amazing job! I can’t tell you how happy I was with the way my hair turned out – it was beyond perfect and lasted all night! I am forever grateful for your calm demeanor and excellent expertise. You made the experience so enjoyable from start to finish! Thank you so much!

P.S. I will be referring every one of my friends getting married on Maui to you!”  

MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0608MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0619MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0645MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0660MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0675MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0680MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0681MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0685MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0693MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0796MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0940MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0947MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0983MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-1016MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0610MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0616MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-0752MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-1017MikeAdrian_Suggs Wedding-1171

Bridal Updo Class

Learn How to Make Brides Look so Stunning Their Grooms Go Weak in the Knees
Salon 253 Bridal Updo Classes, Taught by Adiel Cline

Get Inspired. Get Trained!!


You know the bridal business is big on Maui – but how do you set yourself up for huge success with BRIDES – the only people who really matter?

There’s only one way: find out how to make them look STUNNING on their Big Day.

Adiel Cline, owner of Salon 253 and Salon 253 Bridal, is known for making brides look so gorgeous their grooms tear up and go weak in the knees. She and her Salon 253 Bridal Glam Team is booked months ahead for one simple reason: Brides Refer, Refer, Refer!

And now, Maui’s busiest bridal stylist is willing to share her best styles and tips with YOU, if you are a licensed stylist

(And if you impress her in class, you just might be invited to interview to join her Salon 253 Bridal Glam Squad – see the details below.)


Salon 253 Bridal Updo Session Schedule for Monday, June 29, 2015

Session 1: Three Stunning Updos and a Curl Set

Instructor: Adiel Cline

Get inspired by the stunning bridal looks Adiel creates on a live model, and learn how she helps brides not only look fabulous, but FEEL fabulous – calm, confident, and poised – on their big day.


Prerequisite: Must be licensed stylist

Light Pupus and Get-to-Know-You Mixer

Whether you join us for only the first session or the whole day, feel free to come for light refreshments.

2pm-2:30pm, Complementary

Session 2: Intensive Hands on Training

Instructor: Adiel Cline

Bring your 1-inch curling iron to practice updos and get intensive hands-on training from Adiel. We’ll use mannequin heads, so no need to bring a live model.

Limited to ten students for maximum one-on-one attention from Adiel.


Prerequisite: Session 1

Location: All sessions are at Salon 253, 253 South Market Street, in Wailuku

Extra Bonus: Student Gift

Every student on June 29 gets a Goody Bag with Adiel’s favorite bridal styling tools, including the best tease comb, her favorite bobby pins, clips, and hairspray.


Tuition for Session 1 Only: $50

Tuition for Both Session 1 & 2: $175

Early Registration Discount: $150 for both Session 1 & 2 if registered by May 31, 2015

Register Now  :


Impress Adiel and Get an Interview for the Salon 253 Bridal Glam Team

When you attend Adiel’s classes on June 29, you’ll have an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the mindset and process she uses in her bridal business. If during class you start thinking “Wow, I’d love to work with her,” you won’t be the only one – and if you catch her eye during Session 2, you’ll be in luck!

That’s because demand for Salon 253 Bridal Glam Team services is increasing every day and we are booked out months ahead of time. It’s time for Adiel to carefully and thoughtfully add team members to her Team.

So if you’re an excellent stylist and great team player who is looking for regular bridal work, there is a special opportunity to join our committed, passionate, in-demand team of stylists for super-regular work throughout the year.

We’re looking for:

  • Sizzling Styling Skills: If you’re experienced and do great work, we’ll offer you endless opportunities to shine.
  • Super Professional Work Habits: If you know how to pull yourself together and show up like a respected professional and colleague, you’ll love being on our team of committed, supportive, fun stylists. We get it done and have lots of fun!
  • Excellent People Skills: If you know how to “read” a client and anticipate what they need – like how to keep quiet, so she can focus, or how to chat so she is distracted, how to put her at ease and make her feel safe and comfortable before she gets married … you’ll love working with us.

Come to class ready to learn on June 29 – and ready to schedule an interview with Adiel if she likes your work. She’s looking out for Maui’s next Top Bridal Stylists – and you could be one!

(Note: if you think you would like to be part of the Salon 253 Bridal Glam Team, we recommend taking both sessions so Adiel can see you at work.)

 Register Now :

Questions? Email us at

Favorite Looks of 2014

2014 has been an incredible year for weddings here on Maui.

Salon 253 has had the amazing opportunity to have worked on over 150 weddings last year. We have been fortunate enough to be working alongside Maui’s top wedding coordinators, photographers, artists, and venues.

We want to thank all the brides who chose the Glam Team at Salon 253, we truly love being apart of your special day!

Here are some of our favorite looks from 2014, from the soft and vintage, to the bold and beautiful!

Cabebe_Spencer_Snapmotive_SnapmotiveBlog20140414MikeyandNicoleWedding093_0_low-1 Cabebe_Spencer_Snapmotive_SnapmotiveBlog20140414MikeyandNicoleWedding082_0_low Maui-Elopement_0003 Ellis_Labadia_KarmaHillPhotography_235_0_low Ellis_Labadia_KarmaHillPhotography_227_0_low Ellis_Labadia_KarmaHillPhotography_046_0_low1 Maui-Elopement_0021-1

Looking forward to this next year!

Olaplex now on Maui at Salon 253!

Salon 253 of Maui welcomes the amazing hair color innovation Olaplex!  This is a bond multiplier that, when added to color or lightener, allows the hair to reach the targeted lightness without the damage.


As everyone knows, all of us here at Salon 253 make decisions for our clients based on what will maintain the integrity of their hair. As an Olaplex Salon, we are moving forward in the evolution of hair color.
See for yourself? Follow Salon 253 on facebook and instagram to watch our olaplex posts of before and after photos. Check out or search #olaplex on Facebook and Instagram to see are the remarkable before and after photos.

Our favorites we follow are Celebrity Stylist Tracey Cunningham(@traceycunningham1) and Guy Tang (@guy_tang).

Tracey has tested Olaplex on her celebrity clients like The Kardashians, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and many more top celebrity hairstyles we love.

Who doesn’t love a Guy Tang Ombre? If you’ve ever pinned an Ombre on pinterest it’s most likely a Guy Tang creation.
As with any haircolor change, we recommend you book an appointment for an in depth consultation. Let’s see if Olaplex is the key in achieving the look you need.


Click Here to book your Olaplex Ombre, Balayage, or Highlights Today or Call us at 808-270-2759

Brides Thank You Text Messages

I truly love each bride I get to work with. Each wedding is special to me; it’s her wedding day and I am lucky to get to share in her joy. Sometimes I am amongst the crowd of the wedding party and other times I am the only one with her before she walks down the isle. Many times I have been there to help her into her dress(I consider myself a pro at a square knot now). I have been given the honorary title of maid of honor. I just enjoy each moment right along with you. In my eyes getting to do it for a living is the bonus.

Thank you for giving me this joy!

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Before & After Eyelash Extensions

photo 5

Salon 253 Client Before, During & After Eyelash Extensions service performed by Lauren Sneary

The Do’s and Dont’s of Eyelash Extensions link from Glamour magazine a must read if your thinking about this service.


The only thing different is the price they say the service is $200 and it is at most salons on the mainland but at salon 253  a full set like pictured above starts at $90, a steal!

Book it now online! or Call 808-270-2759