Without You, there is no Us … so we do everything we can to make you happy, happy, happy. (Maybe that’s why our clients vote us Maui’s Best Salon!) Here are just a few of the many hundreds of things we do every day to make You feel beautiful, special, and cherished.

You Should Feel Special

At Salon 253, we love hair of all types, colors, lengths and styles. Think your hair is a mess, difficult to manage, or just plain blah? Not to us!

Whether you love your hair or not, we will find the perfect cut, color, length, and style that matches you (and your life) perfectly. Everyone is beautiful … and everyone is invited.

From the warm welcome when you arrive to the complimentary cappuccino to the VIP salon treatment, you can relax and enjoy yourself in our gorgeous, newly-renovated salon.

You Deserve the BEST

Your hair is the one accessory you wear every day of your life. It should always look fabulous!

Every member of our team has “heard the call” to style hair. We’re not comfortable with being good enough — we have to be the best. We have to stay on top of the latest trends in style, cut, color, and hair care — or we’re letting you down.

As a team, we’re dedicated to constant improvement. We fly the best Talent from the mainland to teach us the latest techniques on our day off. We also travel as a team several times a year to take advanced classes in color and cutting, updos and blowouts.

You Should Have It Easy

Ever been in a salon where no one is talking to each other? Not at Salon 253. We work as a team, we like each other, and we are proud of each person’s skills — and it shows. That’s why every day is like a party for us — and when you come in, you join the fun.

We also make it easy for you to find us and book your appointments, with online booking, text reminders, and “green” email receipts. No fuss for anyone — because your visit should just be about your hair, and making you feel absolutely fabulous.

Ready to bask in style? Book your appointment now!